Sunday, February 17, 2013

Badluck Jonathan.

It appears that Henry Okah was the source of the code after all as he was found guilty of all charges related to Nigeria's 2010 Independence day bombings, in a Johannesburg court. He awaits his sentencing and is making attempts at mitigation, the matter due to conclude on 4th March 2013 shall certainly be one to watch. During the course of his incarceration and trial Okah made some major claims and allegations against President Jonathan. He revealed his close government ties and the role he played in influencing President Jonathan in the appointment of Petroleum Resources Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke. He shockingly alleged the independence day bombings were orchestrated by Jonathan to implicate northern politicians in his pursuit to seek an unconstitutional second term; sound conspiracy theory...

Jonathan has managed to keep this one in the closet, for now. Owing to his "Goodluck", but that can really hold him for so long. With scathing issues such as gross mismanagement and Boko Haram having killed thousands in terror attacks across the country; his term has brought no fortune for the country.
His inability and apparent disinterest in silencing the terror group may lean favourably towards the theory that his goal is to totally discredit all northern elements by labelling them as agents that deplore peace. Alleged Boko Haram sponsors are publicly known and members who are convicted of attacks have in some instances been released from prisons and given lenient sentences. For a group that has to date murdered approximately 2900 civilians? That is strange.

For Okah that meant; No bail. Go to jail. Move directly to jail. Do not talk to the media and do not your governments secrets. Yet? We hope not; this saga is as dramatic as the Stefano DeMira , John Black beef...How will the phoenix rise from the furnaces of Masion Blache/Aso Rock when his wings have been clipped?
With his conviction only time will tell what Okah's next move will be. The sentence imposed on him may determine the outcome of how far he is willing to put the Jonathan regime on blast!
Rightfully so; still can't get over that hat.

Yes I said it...

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