Monday, October 25, 2010

I don't know man.

I've been thinking about this for a long time. And really I don't know...
I don’t know who should be tried first? When it’s evident that both these men are guilty of severe crimes, Crimes against Humanity.
International arrest warrants need to be issued for these men for their heinous crimes, crimes against fashion.

On one side we have Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan looking bad. And next we have, semi-autonomous Southern Sudan’s president Salva Kiir looking ‘bader’.
Really cant say who is the worst or the ‘worstest” but the Janjaweed cant save them from being busted on this one. Since both are radically guilty of gross fashion right violations, they need to appear before The Hague to answer to these crimes.

Kiir a former rebel commander, visibly drawing inspiration from his dealings with good ol' Texas boy JR Ewing clearly has his swag on when he wears that stupid hat. But really we have to ask is there a Rodeo in war ridden, oil rich Southern Sudan?
As for Jonathan these offenses are a good enough reason for people not to vote for you in Nigeria’s upcoming elections. How can you be trusted to govern when clearly you cannot be trusted to dress yourself? The most tragic part of this whole story is that the hats also come in brown… 
Where are their wives, children, and frienemies, to tell them that they look a little silly?
A president should look presentable. Uncle Bob at his age has his game on point, his wife makes sure of it. So she can get her game on...

Who can we call to MEND this situation? Somebody has to bomb the stupid hat factory so this hot mess is no more.  

Yes I said it...

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