Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rebels for Christ?

Laurent Nkunda, AKA "The Chairman". Reason maybe because he runs an army of approximately 8000 rebel troops or he seems to be sitting in most of his pictures...
I can only imagine contributing to the unrest and instability in the Eastern DRC can take its toll on a man but maybe he can hook up those vitamins his cousin/brother Paul Kagame started taking when became President of Rwanda in 2000. These men make me want to post them freshly baked whole grain cookies and bread.
Somebody call Maury Povich.

He then joined the integrated army of the DRC and was elected as a General in 2004. He then rejected the authority of Joseph Kabila and retreated with some troops to the province of Nord-Kivu raising a flag of rebellion against the government.

Claiming defense of the rights of Tutsi minority in eastern Congo who were subjected to attacks by Hutus who had fled after involvement in the Rwandan genocide. The Kivu Conflict has uprooted 200,000 civilians, and the approximate total of displaced people is 2 million. 
Kivu rich in tin and tantalite...?
What is he fighting for? In a BBC interview in 2008, he threatened to topple the Kabila’s government if direct talks were not held. To discuss what, the rights of Tutsi minorities in a foreign land? I doubt it. When their country is under a Tutsi regime.
He has been accused of massacring civilians, recruiting child soldiers and it is alleged that his troops have committed mass rapes and murders according to Refugees International. Which comes as no surprise as this seems to be the modus operandi in Eastern Congo conflict.

Nkunda the former psychology student, school teacher; also claims to be an ordained minister and professes that most of his troops have been converted and are now "Rebels for Christ". He also receives assistance and guidance from American Rebels for Christ...Rebels for Christ or rebels for the dollar? Hmmm!
"Blessed are the peacemakers." Matthew 5:9
For they shall be called," Rebels for Christ?...
You have got to be kidding me. Is this man for real? In this situation WWJD? He would have fed the multitude of destitues not carried on "blastin caps". Lord, so many people use your name in vain.

Lets play a game...Spot the rebel.

The Chairman was arrested in January 2009 after crossing into Rwanda. Rwandan officials have yet to say if he will be handed over to DR Congo, which has issued an international warrant for his arrest.
He is probably being held at a secret location where Kagame is force-feeding him vitamins for a job well done…for now.

Yes I said it...