Sunday, February 17, 2013

Badluck Jonathan.

It appears that Henry Okah was the source of the code after all as he was found guilty of all charges related to Nigeria's 2010 Independence day bombings, in a Johannesburg court. He awaits his sentencing and is making attempts at mitigation, the matter due to conclude on 4th March 2013 shall certainly be one to watch. During the course of his incarceration and trial Okah made some major claims and allegations against President Jonathan. He revealed his close government ties and the role he played in influencing President Jonathan in the appointment of Petroleum Resources Minister Diezani Alison-Madueke. He shockingly alleged the independence day bombings were orchestrated by Jonathan to implicate northern politicians in his pursuit to seek an unconstitutional second term; sound conspiracy theory...

Jonathan has managed to keep this one in the closet, for now. Owing to his "Goodluck", but that can really hold him for so long. With scathing issues such as gross mismanagement and Boko Haram having killed thousands in terror attacks across the country; his term has brought no fortune for the country.
His inability and apparent disinterest in silencing the terror group may lean favourably towards the theory that his goal is to totally discredit all northern elements by labelling them as agents that deplore peace. Alleged Boko Haram sponsors are publicly known and members who are convicted of attacks have in some instances been released from prisons and given lenient sentences. For a group that has to date murdered approximately 2900 civilians? That is strange.

For Okah that meant; No bail. Go to jail. Move directly to jail. Do not talk to the media and do not your governments secrets. Yet? We hope not; this saga is as dramatic as the Stefano DeMira , John Black beef...How will the phoenix rise from the furnaces of Masion Blache/Aso Rock when his wings have been clipped?
With his conviction only time will tell what Okah's next move will be. The sentence imposed on him may determine the outcome of how far he is willing to put the Jonathan regime on blast!
Rightfully so; still can't get over that hat.

Yes I said it...

Green Development?

Following its predecessor ten years earlier, the Earth Summit 2002 informally nicknamed Rio+10 held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Was tasked with the goal of initiating international partnership initiatives meant to help achieve the Millennium Development Goals.
The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development known as Rio +20 took place in June 2012; in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
The conference was a congregation of world leaders from the private and governmental sector as well as other individual groups.
The aim of the conference was to address global sustainable development; the eradication of poverty and climate issues. The focus of the conference was based on the themes of; achieving sustainable development by building a green economy, including support for developing countries aiding them to secure green paths for development; and providing the institutional framework and coordination for sustainable development.
The purpose of the conference was to secure renewed political commitment for sustainable development and assess the progress to date. Addressing new emerging challenges and the implementation of previous outcomes from previous summits on sustainable development.
Under the leadership of Mr. Sha Zukang the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, who heads the Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and is responsible for the follow-up to the major United Nations Summits and Conferences. 

Priority areas highlighted at the conference were creation of decent jobs, energy, promotion of sustainable cities, food security and sustainable agriculture, water, oceans and disaster readiness.
Sustainable development is a principle for global development in economic, social and environmental sectors. It meets the socio-economic needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The goal of Rio+20 was to secure positive political commitments made at past Earth Summits and set forth a global environmental agenda for the next twenty years. This is to be done by assessing progress towards the goals set forth and addressing new and critical global issues. 

The UN wanted a "green economy road-map" to be endorsed at Rio+20 with environmental goals, targets and deadlines. Developing countries preferred establishing new sustainable development goals to protect the environment better, guarantee food, alleviate poverty and provide power to the poor. 

The meeting was marred with protest as all international gatherings addressing global issues are known for. Numerous NGO's and individuals and groups marched and protested highlighting social and environmental exploitation by governments and industries globally.

Like the protesters, one can question what how the benefit of the “green road-map” and agenda for the creation of sustainable development will trickle down and aid the common man on the street who has basic issues of food security. The agenda took on new issues but still debated previous ones set forth in the Millennium Development Programme. Ten years later, if these issues are still being debated, one can question if the Rio +20 was just another “green” themed party.
Yes I said it...

Yes I said it...